Trevor Cologne “You are not at risk”

Trevor Cologne
Trevor Cologne

It is some years ago that I was introduced to Trevor, he seemed a very happy, confident and decent person.  Obviously he hit some bad times more recently and things got so bad for him that he started slashing his wrists to enable him to get into a mental institution for help.  However the “sympathetic” doctors and nurses just took the easy option and fixed the gaping wounds and sent him on his way.

Now I don’t know if you have ever been into a mental institution.  I visited someone in one some years ago and it was not a place anyone would consider staying in unless they were extremely down in their mental state.  Now if I, as a lay person can state this, then why, why, why could the trained professionals at the  hospital in Adelaide not see that this man was ill, not just physically harmed but depressed to the extreme.

This should be a country that looks after its people, not let them die for the sake of a bit of help and a few dollars of medical fees.   Some argue against euthanasia, yet a man who wanted to live and tried to seek help was allowed to die.  If a person begging for help cant be given it, then this has turned into a country of extreme indifference to another persons plight.

Trevor, according to news reports was allowed to see a psychiatrist only once every three weeks.  Why was this?  If someone needs help, surely in this country we can let them talk to a professional as often as needed.

They go on to say he saw not one but  four doctors on one visit, four qualified people who might have saved this mans life, did not.  In my opinion doctors who have taken the Hippocratic oath to try and save life, failed miserably on this occasion.  If I employed a gardener and he did not see that my prized plant needed help and he let it die I would fire him on the spot.  These people however, will not be sacked.  They will keep their extremely high salaries and will carry on saying they have taken an oath to try and save peoples lives.  Well if this is saving people, then doctor, please don’t save me.

The people of Adelaide demand a coronial inquiry into why this man was not given adequate help when he so desperately pleaded for it.  They say that he “was not at risk”.  Mr Cologne was a very intelligent man and if he said to a doctor I feel I need to be in a mental institution then he should have been admitted and then assessed, not just told you are not at risk.  The man is now dead and they  offered  him the words “you are not at risk”.  If anyone would like to add a comment about Trevor then please do.

29/11/2011.                  Has anyone got any updated information on this article? They would be most welcome.

For support and information about depression, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or SANE helpline on 1800 187 263.

Foley’s folly

Adelaide SA Kevin Foley, the trouble finder, has found it again.  This time in a night spot in the city, in a toilet with two well dressed men, he gets himself assaulted.  Again.  When asked about it he said they were in a disabled toilet, yet none of them seem to be disabled.  He stated that his head was pushed into the wall above the urinal.  After consulting various “experts” on disabled toilets, I find that you do not get urinals in disabled toilets.  A bit odd.

Mike “Schwarzenegger” Rann has body guards when he goes anywhere.  Mr Foley, for a reason known only to himself, has not requested any protection.  Mr Rann has likened himself to Arnold Schwarzenegger.  I am sorry Mr Rann, but I don’t think Arnie would take this sort of treatment to his lieutenant.

It should be safe for anyone to go anywhere and be safe from physical abuse.  But Mr Foley has to answer for his own decision to go where he chooses.   Of course  he can go around the city late at night.  After the first time of getting hurt, most would get the message but he chose to carry on his night life ways.  Only a fool  goes back for more punishment.

The moral of the story –  “once bitten twice shy”.  A fair politician he is, but a wise man? Not really.  Mr Rann has shown he is no “Schwarzenegger” and Mr Foley has shown he is not the tough guy he thought he was.

A little tip for Mr Foley –  either take some boxing lessons or eat and drink at home late at night.   Leave the night life to the young, tough and trendy.   It’s slipper time.

Felted Clogs and Potholder
Creative Commons License photo credit: noricum