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So this fourteen year old boy from NSW is taken on a trip to Bali with his Mum and Dad. For some reason, only known to themselves, they leave their son to do what he wants on this infamous island (remember Corby, the Bali nine plus all the uncelebrated ones). For some reason he gets the freedom to go to a massage parlour and then saunter along the Bali roads to buy drugs  Where did he get the money from?

The police got a very easy conviction and no one is challenging the boys’ guilt.  (How different to the Corby case!)  And yet this boy gets the help of the Prime Minister, the ex-Prime Minister and his wife, plus other MPs including the Lord Mayor of Port Macquarie.  Even the AFP department showed them an abnormal amount of assistance in escaping the free press. Why?

Goading the waiting media by whistling, sniggering and gesturing is not the behaviour of an innocent teen.  The father has also been carrying on these antics, foolishly taking snaps from their balcony window.  I do not feel that this family deserves respect or a presumption of innocence – their behaviour is certainly detrimental to this aim.

It does seem that the Bali courts have been completely hoodwinked by this family’s testimony relating to the possible sale of their story involving the Bali authorities.  Now, the Father has reportedly had meetings with the media to sell their sordid story.  The flight home from Bali sees the boy together with a television channel representative in discussion.  I somehow doubt it was about the sandwiches served on the flight.

What super powers does this family have above that of the ordinary bloke? It is becoming increasingly clear that connections are being used to achieve someone’s ambition.

It is not beyond the imagination to see that this could have been set up as a scam to sell their story before they left Australia.

There needs to be a lot of digging to find out what has really been going on. This does not seem to be an innocent brush with a foreign country’s legal system.  If the media does not delve into this it is another sorry day for democracy in Australia.

This family has openly stated that their son is a drug addict.  The drug-addicted boy was taken to a country renowned for its tough stance on drugs.  The father left the boy alone free to buy whatever he chose and he chose drugs.  Given access to money, of course an addict will buy drugs with the cash in his pocket.  And his father didn’t know?!  How foolish do they think we are?  Update 07/12/2011The father revealed that Therese Rein, the wife of foreign minister Kevin Rudd, offered personal support to the family during the ordeal.

Deeper and deeper this story goes, however the boys’ father has stated on the record that there will not be a media deal. If this turns out to be the case all at isthissanity will actually respect this gentleman. I hope that this is the case.

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