Foley’s folly

Adelaide SA Kevin Foley, the trouble finder, has found it again.  This time in a night spot in the city, in a toilet with two well dressed men, he gets himself assaulted.  Again.  When asked about it he said they were in a disabled toilet, yet none of them seem to be disabled.  He stated that his head was pushed into the wall above the urinal.  After consulting various “experts” on disabled toilets, I find that you do not get urinals in disabled toilets.  A bit odd.

Mike “Schwarzenegger” Rann has body guards when he goes anywhere.  Mr Foley, for a reason known only to himself, has not requested any protection.  Mr Rann has likened himself to Arnold Schwarzenegger.  I am sorry Mr Rann, but I don’t think Arnie would take this sort of treatment to his lieutenant.

It should be safe for anyone to go anywhere and be safe from physical abuse.  But Mr Foley has to answer for his own decision to go where he chooses.   Of course  he can go around the city late at night.  After the first time of getting hurt, most would get the message but he chose to carry on his night life ways.  Only a fool  goes back for more punishment.

The moral of the story –  “once bitten twice shy”.  A fair politician he is, but a wise man? Not really.  Mr Rann has shown he is no “Schwarzenegger” and Mr Foley has shown he is not the tough guy he thought he was.

A little tip for Mr Foley –  either take some boxing lessons or eat and drink at home late at night.   Leave the night life to the young, tough and trendy.   It’s slipper time.

Felted Clogs and Potholder
Creative Commons License photo credit: noricum

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