Convefefe, is a ‘Russian word meaning ‘thanks for the info’ first used in the West by president Trump. Convefefe, caught peoples eyes and quickly became a Western word.

So, if you found this writing to be informative just say to me Confefe, and I will know what you mean. Thank you and convefe Mr. Trump

Manchester latest children Arianda Grande Bomb

22 killed in the Manchester bombing, 42 CHILDREN KILLED IN EASTEN SYRIA, BY US LED FORCES, why is this not such a headline? Answer because it doesn’t suit the aims of this breed of media. Surely all lives are equal. A mother or father feels the same pain wherever they are. And all this country Australia can do is argue about same sex marriage and even discuss ruining the reputation of a fine athlete, Margaret Court.




The ancient order of Clowns, originated in Eastern Persia in 1654, the order has held firmly together in Circuses around the world, they have been persecuted in just about every country at some time or another. In Nazi Germany many Clowns were put to death, because they were so creepy in the streets, they were deemed to be a threat to the Munich residents, so were systematically rounded up , then incarcerated and lots were sent to the prison camps that were in strategic places around Germany. The first known Clown was cocolanus around 1650. There was an attempt to give Clowns a homeland of their own in 1910 in Siam now known as Thailand. 259 Clowns were slaughtered by the local inhabitants. It has not been attempted since, The Clowns did erect a statue there which is still there to this day. Nowadays they are quite content to live quietly in neighborhood streets, just like ours, and every now and then one will act out his inherited right to behave as Clowns do. Clowns do not usually hurt people, they just try and show that they are much creepier than ordinary folk like us. One can always tell a real Clown by his breath, he invariably smells of garlic.


Conroy resigning police

Senator Conroy announces he is resigning his post, whilst a short while ago his office was searched by the police, and he says he is leaving to be with his little daughter. Plibersek does a very bad act of making out she has been blind sided and did not know of him leaving. KNOWING SMIRK. Me thinks, there is a bit more to this story.

Why would it be a big secret that one is resigning? Albo decided not to give anything away about his reasons during questions by reporters, Coupled with the hammy acting of Plibersek, There is a nasty smell as they lay their heads down in Canberra tonight. There will be developments. ‘like the speed of the NBN it might be slow coming out’

Hi, nice to see you all again.

Hi, I have been busy with my work and unfortunately, I have been neglecting my writing, well it seems we in Australia have a lame duck prime minister a so called ‘top lawyer’, and a Labour party who are reassembled and should be in government. The Greens as usual can be seen wittering on the sidelines like sheep at a shearing.

More disasters are hitting the Liberals, than hit the Israelites. Yet still they govern.

The detractors of intelligent debate, the Media, Pauline Hanson and her motley crew.

The onward fight of good over evil is being fought in Canberra. As well as halls up and down the country.

So, that is where we are at the moment, we shall see together what the future holds for us.

Is Trump an idiot?

He certainly acts like one, said a friend of mine. Trump a man who has amassed a fortune is not a man who is stupid, it suits him to let people think he is, the opposite approach that Turnbull has taken. They are both doomed to failure as they are attempting to undermine the peoples wishes, The vote is heavily weighted by the Murdoch types, big business and governments, around the world. The huge power they use to hammer the already oppressed people. Who will only take so much hammering, that’s why we are seeing so many layers of protest around the world. What with the idiosyncratic Brexit result in the UK.


Gallipoli was one battle of a long war.  ANZAC troops lost the battle under the command of Kitchener as Minister for War.  War is rarely a good thing and Gallipoli was a tragedy that should never have occurred.  Yes, the people there on both sides were very brave.  However they died a fruitless death achieving nothing.  Yet 97 years later people still  celebrate it, as if it is something to be proud of.

43,000 British, 15,000 French, 8,700 Australians, 2,700 New Zealanders and 1,370 Indian deaths. Approximately 60,000 Turkish deaths.

Kitchener, Haig and Rawlinson.  They and their ilk in charge at the Somme – 623,907 Allied forces casulties and 465,000 German casualties.   Forces were used just as cannon fodder by these ‘leaders’, as were the ANZACs at the Gallipoli landings.  It seems the only thing that went right for the ANZACs was a virtually succesful retreat from a battle they should never have been involved in. Yet it is celebrated without rest.  Surely ANZAC Day should be a day to protest against our children being sent overseas to die on foreign shores while killing other human beings.

“LEST WE FORGET” is a great sentence however we should remember the truth.  We should remember war for what it is – a waste of human life, whatever nationality. Gallipoli was just another disaster following many other disasters of that “great” war.  Whilst eating that ANZAC biscuit, take some time thinking about whose war it was that killed so many people.  The leaders of those countries were at war, all the diggers were young and unknowing of the people who would send them to their deaths.

These brave young mens lives were wasted, their blood spilled on foreign shores for absolutly nothing. Over $80 million has been announced to be spent on the “celebrations” for the centenary of Gallipoli.  Yet nowhere near enough is being spent on the wretched souls who come back from foriegn shores with post traumatic stress dissorder.   Build a cenotaph that reads something like “We have not forgotten them and that is why we will never fight another war on foreign soil” – would that not be a better way to spend that money?

How can anyone celebrate the deaths of their country men and women for what ever reasons? Especially when we know they were sacrificed by our “leaders”.

Bali teenager

Un peu de fumée...
Creative Commons License photo credit: N.ico

So this fourteen year old boy from NSW is taken on a trip to Bali with his Mum and Dad. For some reason, only known to themselves, they leave their son to do what he wants on this infamous island (remember Corby, the Bali nine plus all the uncelebrated ones). For some reason he gets the freedom to go to a massage parlour and then saunter along the Bali roads to buy drugs  Where did he get the money from?

The police got a very easy conviction and no one is challenging the boys’ guilt.  (How different to the Corby case!)  And yet this boy gets the help of the Prime Minister, the ex-Prime Minister and his wife, plus other MPs including the Lord Mayor of Port Macquarie.  Even the AFP department showed them an abnormal amount of assistance in escaping the free press. Why?

Goading the waiting media by whistling, sniggering and gesturing is not the behaviour of an innocent teen.  The father has also been carrying on these antics, foolishly taking snaps from their balcony window.  I do not feel that this family deserves respect or a presumption of innocence – their behaviour is certainly detrimental to this aim.

It does seem that the Bali courts have been completely hoodwinked by this family’s testimony relating to the possible sale of their story involving the Bali authorities.  Now, the Father has reportedly had meetings with the media to sell their sordid story.  The flight home from Bali sees the boy together with a television channel representative in discussion.  I somehow doubt it was about the sandwiches served on the flight.

What super powers does this family have above that of the ordinary bloke? It is becoming increasingly clear that connections are being used to achieve someone’s ambition.

It is not beyond the imagination to see that this could have been set up as a scam to sell their story before they left Australia.

There needs to be a lot of digging to find out what has really been going on. This does not seem to be an innocent brush with a foreign country’s legal system.  If the media does not delve into this it is another sorry day for democracy in Australia.

This family has openly stated that their son is a drug addict.  The drug-addicted boy was taken to a country renowned for its tough stance on drugs.  The father left the boy alone free to buy whatever he chose and he chose drugs.  Given access to money, of course an addict will buy drugs with the cash in his pocket.  And his father didn’t know?!  How foolish do they think we are?  Update 07/12/2011The father revealed that Therese Rein, the wife of foreign minister Kevin Rudd, offered personal support to the family during the ordeal.

Deeper and deeper this story goes, however the boys’ father has stated on the record that there will not be a media deal. If this turns out to be the case all at isthissanity will actually respect this gentleman. I hope that this is the case.

Australia’s Apartheid

On a recent visit to Australia’s Northern Territory, I found myself in a little town called Katherine.  I noticed at the local hotel/pub, that there were mannequins lying on the pavement outside.  I walked over only to find they were human beings.  One was a lady of about 64, she had nose residue running out of her nose and into her mouth.  Lying next to her was a little fella around the age of two (I later found that she was his grandmother).  It made me feel quite angry that people were allowed/forced to live like this.

I thought, this is not Soweto.  It seems like South Africa before the re-alignment with the rest of society.  The whites in Australia are committing the same acts of barbarism as in the era of South Africa’s Apartheid.  Australia has it’s townships and it’s people suffer to pay the white man. The whites demand high rents that few can afford.  Give up, the black fella says and drink more grog.  Blacks are being served out of sight of those soft white faces. Tears are shed but nothing is said.  The churches tell them to be patient.  The government give them empty gestures.  Who can they cry to?  But we see what you do and we don’t like it.  But the rulers do!

Christ would not forgive what they/we do!

The streets are littered with drunken souls.  Where else could they have turned?  The politician is deaf, the barman listens.  How easy for it to happen!  It could happen to you.

We watch and we see, we know this was not meant.

Black babies die for a glass of milk yet we give it to pigs so we can have breakfast and do it again!

The Welsh Aborigine

Creative Commons License photo credit: marnanel

Wales still has the little peoples newspaper the Echo, and a sister web site called icwales, they  are working class people trying to make a mark in life by using these. Unfortunately they have not had an English education, so are not really up to any real sense of understanding the world news and have to rely on just Welsh news and history.  I recently undertook a stint at mingling with these people and was amazed at just how backward they are, some time ago I was undergoing a period of studying the aborigines in Australia’s Northern territory. The Australian Aborigine, is somewhere around equal to the Welsh, in terms of education and the larger world. I am sorry to say I do not think that either of them can survive for very much longer. They do not have the intelligence/education  to see this.

On a recent fact finding tour of Mongolia, the people there although a very stunted people in educational terms, they can see what is happening to them.

The Welsh are slowly becoming aware, of their future demise, they are showing this by their intolerance of other races.  However, by contrast the Aborigine,

does not want to walk alone but wants all peoples to walk together. So using the contrast between the two, one must favour the Aborigine to surpass the Welsh tribes.

The fundamental advantage of the Aborigine natives is that they live among their conquerors, not in a land adjacent to them like the Welsh natives.

The Welsh like the Aborigine has an overwhelming desire for alcohol, dating back to the period where the grogg/drink was used to subdue them. Alas, it still does.

They  both sit, discuss, and sometimes write their thoughts, however it always stays a talking shop and never gets either of them anywhere. Words that spring to mind are pity, smugness, superiority. While showing grace and understanding for those who are less fortunate.

Helping them is useless as they act on their genes, as it seems that they do not have the mental capacity to  see any further, rather like the  Vikings last sail, out into the ocean , without the correct clothing they were told by the Scots they would perish,  that was the end of the Viking. Now we are seeing the end  of the world’s  aborigines, which includes the Welsh, smaller Chinese groupings, the Inuit, Mongolian herdsmen, Gypsies,  such is life, what is no longer required is discarded.

We know of the Native American demise,  We know of the Romans demise, now we are seeing the demise of other races, that have nearly reached the end of their line.